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5 trends you need to know- website design and development in India.


Web design is effective for approximately 95% of a guest's first reaction to your company, and excellent design can help you increase sales figures. Companies for website design and development in India can help you with a stunning new outlook on the page. 

But what new web design trends are on the range for 2022, and how can you utilize them to upgrade up your site?

  • White space

The modern website layout is going back to minimalism. With a stream of useful white space like in print magazines, it is taking a new turn on old tricks. Call companies like Acuity Software Services for website design and development in India for hands-on work. 

Like natural flows, white space invites more guests through your site pages, moving from one component to the next — and it forms a visible hierarchy where no detail diverts from the whole.

The breathing room white space gives allows spectators’ eyes to rest. It also supports comprehension by establishing relationships among page elements. 

  • Dynamic scrolling

One variant of dynamic scrolling has different scrolling speeds. This is done for your site’s background and foreground and to give guests a 3D effect. Hire an agency that has experience in doing these. There will be agencies that have affordable to high website design and development costs in India, but it will be worth it. 

  • Full-page headers

Full-page headers are the latest trend. Web designers can execute header varieties, but a successful setup involves attaching key text or call-to-action (CTA) switches to the left of the header with attractive images on the right. It's because users tend to concentrate most of their attention on the top-left of the page.

  • Playful cursors

New websites usually feature cursors that offer viewing pages a fresh experience. Putting playful cursors on your website in 2022 can be as easy as modifying the cursor form or as complicated as coding cursor-triggered animations. Either way, your guests will have a fabulous time engaging with different cursors. You can hire experts for doing it for you easily. Call the best website design and development company in India for neat and seamless work. 

  • Custom illustrations

Illustrations breathe life into your website and product. Gone are the days of cookie-cutter stock images, with websites incorporating custom illustrations.

Hire an agency that knows more than just these and sees the sea of change.

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